AL-Muqwa Madrasah Ulumul Qur'an wal Ahadith

Founded on 23 July 2011 and started its study session on 1 August 2011 equivalent to 1 Ramadhan 1432 Hijri. Madrasah established on the sense of consciousness and awareness, is created to increase the space and diversity of choices for either party, either from a family institution or a community group to send children or family members with the potential to claim and supplement Al-related sciences -Quran and Al-Hadith.
AL-MUQWA was founded voluntarily and was mobilized in the name of charity by Roslan bin Ariffin and Amran @ Imran bin Johari


JAIS Registration - JAI.Sel BPI 03/05/083/02 Jld (002)

  1. Quran memorization study 
  2. Studies' Alim 
  3. Pra-Tahfiz Studies
Successfully and excelently gave birth to HUFFAZ and 'ULAMA' AMILIN who will become a widespread source of guidance to expel people who are in darkness to LIGHT LIGHT by the way of AL-QURAN and AS-SUNNAH are indeed used as a culture in the life and practice of the ummah.

No.1667, Lorong Nakman Kadis, Jalam Haji Musran, Kampung Rantau Panjang, 42100 Klang, Selangor.

For information call : 03-3341 2770
For share donations, waqaf, zakat, sedeqah in Madrasah Ulumulquran Wal Ahadith. No. Maybank Account: 562469308464

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